Malika Ali Harding


Malika meets literary nomads in breathtaking destinations around the world to write, read, reflect, and retreat. She is founder of Story Rebels where emerging thought leaders in literature are brought to the fore. She hosts guided reading meditations in the Netherlands to facilitate deeper engagement with the works of classic and contemporary authors.

Her blog Painted Lips Don't Lie distills everyday human interactions into word portraits that reveal the fears, secrets, humor, and longings that link people, one to another, all around the world.

As an independent curator in Los Angeles, she co-founded On The Ground Floor (OTGF), an alternative art space where exhibtions, talks, readings, happenings, and workshops were organized to foster meaningful conversations about contemporary art.

An alumna of Howard University in Washington, D.C. and The American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles, CA, she seeks connection with writers, artists, brands, and organizations comfortable with dissent, unafraid of new thought, and ready to cross-exam conventional truths.