Real Art Now

My Little One is highly opinionated about the arts.  "You're not a real artist mommy.  Not like me and daddy."  These are the words she spoke to me one night before her bedtime story.  I responded by pulling out my portfolio and pointing to installations she's seen first hand in galleries.

"I know," she asserts.  "That's video art, but I'm talking about real art.  You know, drawings and paintings...things people make with a pencil or a brush."

'Video art is real art,' I explain.  She scrunches her nose, not at all convinced.  I drop the argument and move onto our nighttime reading.  I'm ready for this know-it-all to go to sleep.  She's seven years old so I still have time to address her prejudice against my medium.

This prejudice is not solely held by second graders.  My partner at OTGF recently directed me to an Amazon review of Terrence Malick's THE TREE OF LIFE.  The reviewer gave this critically acclaimed film one star.  He also had some pretty passionate comments to add to his rating...

Movies are not art, I repeat movies are not art. I love real art, but movies are just entertainment, deal with it.
— Tweeted by @AmznMovieRevws

I won't attempt to convert the Amazon reviewer into a bona fide believer.  However, I do want to convince you.  I'm curating a video art show with amazing new works from nine artists, representing five countries and three continents.  Please join me for the Electric Walls: Art Opening & Happy Hour and allow me to prove just how real video art can be!

Electric Walls opens On The Ground Floor September 27th @ 7pm.

Tickets are available HERE:

Top Image Credit: The Little One inspired by artist Jennifer Moon @ The Hammer Museum