My Arts & Lifestyle Manifesto

They have names for people like us.  They call us dabblers and dilettantes. We are chided when we cross lanes, but we understand that the road is ours.  They say we are impulsive, but we know when improvisation is the right call.  We are daring creatives who defy boundaries and visionary professionals who see beyond black and white.  We boldly dip our brushes into life's palette and fill our canvases with the colors of deep and varied experience.  

For us, joie de vivre is not a fancy french expression, but a call to action.  Some of us are artists. Some of us simply live artfully.  Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you've landed in the right place.  

Welcome to my arts & lifestyle hangout where you'll discover a thousand and one ways to keep your creative engines gunning. So buckle up and read on.  I promise adventure.