Oh, Andrea!

  Artist Andrea Shear in St. Patty's Day Green - Photographed by Chloe Aftel.

Artist Andrea Shear in St. Patty's Day Green - Photographed by Chloe Aftel.

I would not have dared to hang a minuscule fly on a gallery wall had it not been for this woman right here.  Painter Andrea Shear is like my good acid trip moment, if I had been around in the 60's dropping LSD and seriously believed in the awakening power of tabs.  She is my "Aha!" moment, that revelational twinkling Oprah likes to get chatty about on television.  

A few years ago, Andrea invited me to participate in a group art show.  I said yes without thinking.  When it dawned on me that I would now need to make some art, anxiety ridden questions crowded my brain.  Questions like, "Does she know I couldn't sketch a hole on an ass if it needed one?"  Important things to ponder before calling yourself an artist.

Prior to Andrea's invitation, I was a filmmaker on a mission.  My vision board held one image,  Spike Lee with pasties and girl fur, a collage of sorts.  My destiny was to become indie cinema's brand new darling, this I knew for sure.  That is, until Andrea.

She came in all curatorial guru slash visionary guide and I learned a great deal about myself.  There is more to me than brass brads and a hole puncher.  I am more than filmmaker, I am transmedia artist, hear me roar!

Andrea dips her brush in water color and oil paint.  She is illustrator and animator.  A visual effects artist who has also crafted some pretty nifty experimental films.  Not defined by one medium, she leads by example.  And you can follow her latest work at The Ground Floor Gallery for Woman. Hair. Power. - Saturday, March 29th - 3pm to 9pm.