Look Who's Coming!

  Photographer Rebecca Drolen's, Drainage

Photographer Rebecca Drolen's, Drainage

I can't wait to introduce you to each of the artists joining us at The Ground Floor Gallery for Woman. Hair. Power.  

This exhibit is also the launch of Joie de Vivre's event series.  I've been known to host a good gathering and it's about time I expand my guest list.  So when I witnessed Rebecca Drolen's photography in Beautiful/Decay Magazine, I searched high and low and found her teaching young image makers in Nashville, Tennessee.

To my delight, she was thrilled to offer our gallery the opportunity to West Coast Premiere her latest work Hair Pieces

Drolen juxtaposes domestic relics with symbols of beauty and memory to tell a narrative of desire vs shame, life vs death in our relation to body hair.

In her own words, these photographs "function as both visual puns and, at times, as social critique."

Her portraits are all at once alluring and freakish, causing the viewer to linger and indulge in her curiosities.

Rebecca Drolen's images will be on display March 29th, 2014 as part of the group art exhibit Woman. Hair. Power.  

Tickets are available HERE.