Erotic Courage

 Christine Wuenschel,  Body Pile 1 , Charcoal on Paper, 2011

Christine Wuenschel, Body Pile 1, Charcoal on Paper, 2011

"The Feminist Sex Shoppe" artist CHRISTINA WUENSCHEL uses the human figure in a confrontational manner to challenge puritanical anxiety and fear of the body. Her work emphasizes tensions between awkwardness and comfort; pleasure and discomfort with the intent to expose the repressed experiences that influence the often visceral reaction to nudity and touch. - excerpted from the artist's statement

On Saturday, April 4th, OTGF hosted an Erotic Reading Night. Local artist Nina Rota was the first and only brave soul to sign up to share work. So I teamed up with comedian Mike Estime to ease the crowd's fears. We read some short story smut by Johnny Murdoc of Queer Young Cowboys - a funny tale about two men and a car ride that freed the audience to step up to the mic. We had steamy literature standing by. People grabbed our books or opened erotic poetry tucked away on their cell phones. Almost everyone in the room was emboldened to share.

Our next event is The Feminist Sex Shoppe: Costume Party rescheduled for Saturday, April 18th from 7pm to 10pm. Come as you are or adorned as your favorite feminist! "The Feminist Sex Shoppe" has ben extended through April 25, 2015. Admission is Free. RSVP required. Open during events and by appointment only. Or you can view our show online HERE.