Shake Hands with Castro

  Plaza de la Revolucion

Plaza de la Revolucion

"Our friend Cuba which helped us in training our people, gave us resources to get on with our struggle."

Nelson Mandela, 1991

"Don't bite the apple Eve," rapper Jay Z warns us in his ballad to New York.  But we know forbidden fruit is always juicier and Americans are forever curious.  

Cuba, a country ripe with arts, culture, and a bad ass reputation, has captured the imagination of many US citizens.  But did you know you can now travel legally? 

Despite all the huffing and puffing about President Obama's hand shake with Raúl Castro, the floodgates are cracked open, ever so  slightly, and Havana is yours to experience!

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While you're there, extend a hand of reconciliation to your island brethren.  If one of them happens to be Raúl, even better.

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