Meet the Mistress

  Chick & Dude of  The Couple

Chick & Dude of  The Couple

Few women I know are willing to share.  And I have to confess, I'm also a bit reluctant in this area.  My dear husband works 60+ hours on his day job.  And sixty hours is a slow week for him.  You may have a hunch as to why I  would want to guard our family time like a watchdog.  

But the mistress makes him happy.  And he's so self-sacrificial.  If anyone deserves happiness, it would be this man.  So I accept the 'ole girl.  I even watch her.  You gotta watch her.

Brian and I joke often about his other woman.  I'm using the word 'joke' loosely, I do throw shade about sharing. But I like her. She's black, sexy, witty, and original.  Lucky for her she's also anthropomorphic .

The hubby spends a good deal of his free time kneeling behind cameras, hunching over computers, working tirelessly with his partners to build the Black&Sexy.TV Channel on YouTube. This Black&Sexy is the other woman.

She has been with us for a while.  The night before our wedding, my guy wasn't hanging out at a Gentlemen's Club.  He and director Dennis Dortch were filming A Good Day to be Black & Sexy.  

The movie  went on to woo audiences at Sundance in 2008.  Shortly after Dortch began talking at Q&A's about building a brand - a Black & Sexy brand.  I didn't understand it then, but that's what makes a visionary - they get it when others don't.  

Dennis carried his Black&Sexy brand over to YouTube and has been attracting a loyal following of folk thirsty to see their everyday lives played out on screen, hungry to see characters that look like their cousins, their besties, and their homies.

The hard work has paid off.  Black&Sexy landed a development deal with HBO for its most popular web series The Couple.  Created by Jeanine Daniels and Dennis Dortch, The Couple showcases those tiny moments between a romantic pair who have decided  to go for it and live together under the same roof.  

The series stars Numa Perrier and Desmond Faison.  It's real and it's funny.  So real and funny that legendary filmmaker Spike Lee joined forces to shepherd their move onward to HBO.  

Congratulations are in order for Team Black&Sexy!

And a very special shout out to the hardest working man in showbiz - Mr. Brian Ali Harding!