Wanted: Barbie's Fertilized Egg

  Photography by  Katie Hicks

Photography by Katie Hicks

In an effort to steer away from random musings, I'm de-cluttering the blog and moving into a sphere of organized thought. Much like your favorite magazine, I want this experience to be curiously thematic.  Every thirty days or so, I'll dig deeper into one main topic.  So through mid-May, lets have a look at motherhood.  The pedestal parent, the martyr or the monster, depending on what type of mom you grew up with or have grown to be.  

I'm launching this new direction with a Vlog.  Friend and mental health expert, Kongit Farrell, sat with me to chat about the meaning of Barbie in our culture.  When she posed the question, "Has Barbie ever been a mom?" all kinds of queries came up. We had lots of fun imagining Barbie breastfeeding and getting Ken ready to be the best stay-at-home dad ever.  Since this is my first on-camera talk, I hope you'll offer feedback and plenty suggestions.  

One last thing, I want to deliver the most entertaining and thought provoking articles possible.  This takes time and research, so new posts will arrive only once a week - each and every Monday.  If you are a Gmail user, look for me under the "social" or "promotions" section of your email.  Good stuff is headed to an inbox near you.

Now, without further ado, please watch and enjoy!

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